Reopen Harwood Terrace

Why has it been closed? What remedial measures have been taken? Why is the traffic so bad?!

The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham have decided to close Harwood Terrace (SW6 2AF) for a 6 month ‘trial period’ from the 21st of October 2019 with a view to making this closure permanent. Since the closure, our local area has been impacted with traffic regularly at a standstill. It has increased pollution, increased noise and substantially increased the time it takes for traffic to move onto the New Kings Road from Sands End, Imperial Wharf and Chelsea Creek. This is now unbearable, creating gridlock and causing further deterioration of the road network in our local area and affecting our day-to-day lives and livelihoods.

We urgently need your help to write to the Council to object to this closure becoming permanent. If we do not act now, we will be left with the permanent mayhem that we are currently suffering. Submitting an objection is the only way to put a stop to the closure. We need everyone to write so that the Council takes notice and acts upon the objections of the local community that it serves and the objections of road users from neighbouring areas.

Harwood Terrace is the only workable route in and out of Sands End because of the configuration of the traffic lights at the intersection of Bagley’s Lane and New Kings Road. The closure of Harwood Terrace is not working and it is causing major traffic congestion, pollution and noise in the area. There are also safety concerns for pedestrians and cyclists whilst cars, vans and lorries attempt to route around the carnage. This will only get worse with the plans to build more houses in the “Old Gas Works” – thus resulting in yet more residential traffic.

The permanent solution to the through traffic problem is likely to open up Chelsea Harbour to allow traffic to flow onto the Kings Road and/or installing a one-way system at Harwood Terrace (eastwards) to reduce pressure on that juncture as well as a longer-term solution allowing a right hand turn at Wandsworth Bridge Road from New Kings Road.

The only way we can stop the current closure is by lodging an objection to the Council and to our local Councillor…

Please now take a moment to communicate your formal objection using our helpful webform which automatically generates and sends your objection email in just a few clicks...


Please note, each impacted individual has the right to raise an objection, so please do pass this onto other members of your family, neighbours and friends who you think also may have an interest in sending in their email to object to the closure.

Please act now, the strength in numbers will help to avoid putting further strain on our local streets. We are supportive of finding a solution that works for the wider community. Please also inform other residents in the area to act, it is in all our best interests.

Thank you for your attention and support.

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Sample of Email Generated by Webform

Dear Sir/s,

Please take this email to formally register my objection to the recent closure of Harwood Terrace to through traffic.

The decision to close Harwood Terrace without any remedial measures being put in place by way of opening alternative routes, has significantly and negatively impacted my quality of life - adding on average {time} to my total daily journey times.

I further do not accept that this closure should have taken place whatsoever whilst Hammersmith Bridge remains closed which has itself added significantly to the traffic on the Wandsworth Bridge Road and the arterial roads around it.

{Only when local resident} Since I live local to the closure, I would also strongly point out that my health will be extremely negatively affected by the dreadful and very apparent increase in air-pollution, caused by the vast excess of engines sat idling whilst queuing in traffic on Imperial Road and Bagleys Lane, since the closure - where previously they had passed through the area efficiently and quickly on toward their eventual destination. Furthermore the noise of car horns sounding due to driver frustration is also impacting my quality of life and the ability to have quiet enjoyment of my home.

I do hope yourself and the department will give due consideration to my notice of objection and will consider bringing the experimental closure of Harwood Terrace to an urgent end.

Yours Sincerely,
{name} {surname}

Sample wording is intended as indicative of actual email/s, precise wording may vary.

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