Reopen Harwood Terrace

Thank you for visiting…we urgently need your help!

Your help will be absolutely invaluable in helping us overturn the council’s decision to close Harwood Terrace to traffic!

We have been advised by the Council that the only way to bring this ill-conceived road-closure ‘experiment’ to an end is by having all the affected local residents and road-users lodge formal emails of objection with the H&F Council.

We have set up a simple to use web form which generates your formal objection to the closure and automatically has it emailed to the Council on your behalf!

If you would like to learn more about the road closure and its impact, please click here where you can also find sample text of the email which is generated by the form.

NOTE: Please ONLY submit ONE objection PER PERSON (multiple per household is okay)

Email your objection here:

You should receive a copy of each of two emails sent to the council. Please allow a minute and then check SPAM if still not received in your email inbox.

If you have any unexpected issues please contact by email:

Please note, whilst we have been assured that the council will consider each individual submission here to be a formal objection against the closure, they have also advised us that due to the sheer number of respondents, they will not be able to reply to each complaint individually. IF your objection requires a response from the Council, please email your objection directly with the Council. Many thanks.